Since a very young age, Zenn has been fascinated by the way light falls on objects. Armed only with a kids’ torch, a small mirror and an old 35mm camera that had no film in it, he set about finding his view of the world. 

It wasn’t until he saw Road to Perdition that he even realised there was a way to make his view of the world a job. “Director of Photography, ASC” were the words that set him on the path to film. 

Obsessed with story and light he strives to get the balance between narrative and the visual approach right. “We have all fallen into the trap of servicing the look over what the script and the director’s vision calls for, but at the end of the day we have to work together to create something truthful, beautiful and insightful.”

With a unique approach to any shot, Zenn has a delicate eye for composition, lighting and movement.  Apart from wishing for a longer magic hour and more time to perfect the intent and beauty of each scene, there is not much Zenn would change about his job.